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Welcome to GraceChord, your source for family-friendly music, media and the printed Word! GraceChord represents local and regional songwriters and authors throughout the Southern and Southwestern United States!

As we travel the country sharing God's ministry to places both home and abroad, we meet many songwriters with wonderful songs of ministry who seemed to have no hope for their music to be published by the large clearing houses. GraceChord was born to bring to a national light some great songs of ministry otherwise unknown to national artists. Combined with our concert booking services, we offer a well-rounded ministry to local, regional and national music ministries! Read on for more information...

Consideration & Submission | Our Board of Directors | The Fine Print

Consideration & Submission

We are always looking for family-friendly songwriters and book authors who want their works to be considered for publication, and in the case of musical works, to be recorded by national artists. If you would like to be considered for inclusion in the GraceChord family of publications, submit an example of your work and a lead sheet by e-mail to this address;

Someone from our staff will contact you once we've reviewed your submission. We look forward to working with you and helping your ministry to the next level!

Our Board Of Directors

We are pleased to introduce you to our Board of Directors...

John Graves

John Graves, our President and CEO, has a long-standing history in Southern gospel music. John began servingHe began singing before he was five years old and traveled across the Southern region of the USA with his family, the Graves Gospel Singers. Since then, he has performed in several music genres, including Southern gospel, Contemporary Christian, and Baroque Chamber music. John is the son of Lee Graves, a 2011 inductee in the Texas Gospel Music Hall of Fame. John's wide diversity in his gospel music experience makes him an invaluable asset to our team!

Joe Gordon

Joe Gordon, our Executive Vice President, is one of Texas' premier songwriters and a leader in the Texas Southern gospel industry. His songs appear on several CD projects by many of today's gospel ministries, including the nationally reknowned Palmetto State Quartet (PSQ). PSQ's single, A Moment of Grace, written by Joe, was the Number #1 song in all of Inspirational Country and Southern Gospel music for August 2012 according to Cashbox and Christian Voice magazines. Joe's latest single, I Can See Heaven, was nominated for Song Of The Year by the SGMA of Texas in 2013.

Joe started the Rodeo City Gospel Show in July of 2005. Held on the first Friday of the month, the Gospel Show has grown dramatically over the years. In addition to writing music, Joe currently sings with Ransomed. Known as one of the finest gospel music promoters and one of the finest gosple singers of today, his vast array of experience with today's music industry makes Joe an important part of our Board of Directors.

Ron & Cindy Livingston

Ron Livingston, our Executive Vice President, and Cindy Livingston, our Secretary/Treasurer, have traveled across the Southern USA running sound and assisting gospel singing groups with various facets of their ministries. Both are familiar with the workings of both non-profit and for-profit corporations and both bring a vast array of business and personal experience to GraceChord!

Cindy likes to say that neither she nor Ron were blessed with singing voices, but rather with the ability to help those that were, and what a help both Ron and Cindy are! GraceChord is happy to have both of these important additions to our Board of Directors!

The Fine Print

GraceChord LLC, a Texas limited liability company with its principle offices in Plano, Texas, was formed in 2012 to promote family-friendly ministry and entertainment to people's across the world. We accomplish this goal through several divisions, as follows:

GraceChord Publishing is the rights management arm of GraceChord LLC. All musical, poetry and written materials from authors and composers across the US and the world are managed through this division from inception to final publication. GraceChord Publishing is registered with BMI and any works submitted to and signed by us are registered with BMI if not previously registered.

GraceChord Services Management is the artist development arm of GraceChord LLC. We offer artist development services to budding artists who are just getting started in the music industry. We work with these artists on a variety of topics, including vocal coaching, performance development, stage presence, CD project development and copyright acquisitions. is the artist promotion arm of GraceChord LLC. We partner with many artists across the country to bring you quality Christian concerts and events throughout the year! Past concerts have included The Greens, Palmetto State Quartet, Ransomed Ministries, The Ambassadors Trio, Birthright and many others. Keep a watch for our next concert, coming soon to a venue near you!


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